Posted by: Lyle | September 14, 2011

Me and My Shadow

Some days its fun to “just begin” on a journal page and see what happens! I’ve been hooked on a gold, turquoise, and black color scheme lately. I began by gluing my complicated paper in those colors to a  background of gessoed and gold painted  water color paper.Then I dug thru an old magazine and found a figure I liked. Turning that piece of flimsy paper to a pattern is a whole other story but after going thru that torture I had a great pattern that will  last for many posts! I tried the figure in black, but wasnt happy with the lack of contrast. Finally a brainstorm! I made a shadow figure of gold! What a difference! Now I see my man dancing to that music of the old group “The Circles”.


  1. Wonderbar!


  2. I am dancing my jig. Will be missing you at Squam, we had loads of fun together….you will be in my head making me laugh. Love your golden circles and dancing feet. xox Corrine

  3. Lots of energy in this one and the gold shadow certainly makes it sing.

  4. You have my favorite element here… circles… love them and your piece is so creative.


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