Posted by: Lyle | September 26, 2011

Seth Apter Said!

Seth said just send the pics even if they are late so Ms. Neatnic here, after putting all stacks where they belonged and tossed away a bunch of stuff, took some photos of the only stack of anything I can allow to accumulate!  Boxes,  some filled, some waiting to be filled and some as is! they are sitting on a stack of drawers which are filled to groaning with my hand carved stamps! I find so many uses for the boxes  that I need to label them so I know whats in there! Enjoy and please visit Seth at  http:// to see all the other wonderful, colorful stacks. I spent a long time looking at them all and I do believe we have a big corner of the “stack” market!


  1. Stacks upon stacks upon stacks. Now that is what I am talking about. That cabinet on the bottom — wow!

  2. Stackaliscious tower you built there Lyle!!!! wondering where you been my friend? xox Corrine

  3. very nice stacks indeed!

    Love your cabinet at the bottom too!

  4. now that is a very beautiful and orderly stack! thanks for visiting my blog too…


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