Posted by: Lyle | September 28, 2011


Frida Kahlo is an ongoing subject with me. What brought her to mind the other day I dont know — something I read about possive  men– but what ever it was I was annoyed with the way her husband treated her all over again. I have some wonderful pics of her in my file and was able to cut the perfect sillouette.  The web was  awaiting Halloween paintings  on my table. I couldnt quite get all of Diego back in his cage! Spider!


  1. Quite the symbolic piece, the crows are quite agitated highlighting your message to me! xox

  2. thanks for looking! I know Diego is dead and gone, but I guess he is a symbol to me of the attitude of some men towards women! And if we get one of those T-Potty presidents more of that “master” stuff will come to the forefront!

  3. Diego’s treatment of Frida also got my back up. She was such a brave woman and deserved better. So many great elements making up this collage, Lyle. The feathers and crows, the turquoise over the yellow, the script, and last but not least….the main characters of the story.

  4. Hi Lyle,
    I just got a wonderful new Frida book called “I Will Never Forget You” which is mostly full of pictures taken by NIckolas Muray. I also find her incredibly intriguing. I LOVE your piece!

  5. oh yes…love Diego in and out of the cage.

  6. i can hardly believe it is the first day of october! i hope you will visit each sunday and join in as we collect all things dia de los muertos….preparing for the always anticiapted,
    dia de bloglandia!
    i have just posted a call out!

    thinking of you!


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