Posted by: Lyle | October 8, 2011

Chapter 1

Sometimes things are so interesting you just have to try them out! Last year after looking at many Day Of The Dead boxes I decided to try my hand at creating one to honor my husband! I was very happy with the way it turned out and have kept adding to it over the year. Since then I have made three more just for the fun of it and will show them off in the next few weeks to celebrate this years D.O.D.  I’ve noticed recently that more people in our area have become aware of this day and are having parties to celebrate. Check it out! click the pic to enlarge!


  1. Interesting to zoom in to see all the different objects you’ve added to your Day of the Dead Box. I do like the photo of your husband relaxing in the sun. It must be a happy memory.

  2. I love that you are continually adding to this. All the little details are wonderful, the little pot with marigolds…your husband looks like such a nice man, and, relaxing in Mexico perhaps.

    So happy that you are joining us this year. I had a Day of the Dead show opening last night…so much hugely inspirational pieces, honored to be part of it.


  3. Glad you are continuing your tradition of honoring your husband this way. xox Corrine

  4. dear lyle,

    i am so thrilled that you are here! you are in great company in this tradition of honoring our loved ones now gone. your altar is tender, and bright with love.

    thank you again for all those months ago sending me a pair of skeletons so i could try my hand at a dia de los muertos wedding couple. they will make their grand appearance soon!

  5. Likem others, I am fascinated at what pieces are put out on peoples altars. The dancers are always there. I am thinking this year, at our celebration, I will have more dance music and a space open for such activities. I love that you have joined in to celebrate these “days”.


  6. How wonderful that you are celebrating your husband. It’s good that we all can share together the celebration of our loved ones. Very nice shrine you’ve made and I like that you keep adding to it. Have a wonderful Sunday and see you on DDLM.

  7. Welcome to the dia de los muertos celebration. This is my first year celebrating. It seems to be a wonderful way of honoring those who have gone before.

  8. I can see that you still dance with him in your dreams!

    Shadowy Skeleton

  9. Hi! This will be my first year doing an altar for DOD. maybe I’ll start the party tradition next year. I like what you’ve done too.

  10. I like your altar very much and seeing how the box has expanded into a larger ofrenda. Thanks for sharing.

  11. thanks to all for looking and commenting! I do have fun making the Ofrendas! lyle

  12. I love your ofrenda, and that you keep adding to it! Beautiful!


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