Posted by: Lyle | October 12, 2011

Short Stack

Seth Apter had us showing off our tall stacks, book stacks, box stacks, falling over stacks and more! Todays picture is more what  I normally have on my  table- a short stack! No, not pancakes! Papers!  The largest piece is the one I use to clean off my brushes  when I’m painting.  It happened to be a piece of brown paper bag. The next is a piece of rosen paper I had gessoed and brushed some paint on prior to making a small collage–which I didnt do! the striped piece you may recognize as a beat up color sample from the paint store which I found on the street and laid on top of the others when I took off my jacket! . The final and best piece is a cut out of wood from the workshop floor which I had dabbed paint on months ago and refound in a little box on my table! What amazes me is that they are all color coordinated! with no forthought!   Its easy to see that I favor certain colors! How about you? Do you leave clues for the color detective?I’d love to see what short stacks you can find!


  1. This short stack is a collage, love those colors. Orange and turquoise for me always, but lately pink and gold, who knows. xox Corrine


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