Posted by: Lyle | October 15, 2011

Chapter 2


This summer I found a trove of cigar boxes needing work! ah, more Ofrendas! I got to work with paint, paper and a variety of pictures.  Our favorite Good Will store had some handsome wedding cake figures which Toni  promptly beheaded. I painted their garments and added sculls to replace the heads!  We decided to put the box on etsy. So far plenty of lookers but no takers, but thats not a problem because that box can join the original one in my office! It makes people smile and thats really all that matters! Please click pic to enlarge!


  1. I love that Toni beheaded the brides, the skulls are so much prettier anyway! xox Corrine

  2. I was just going to say the same thing as Corrine. I prefer the new heads on the wedding cake figures. Great fun!

  3. Love your cigar box shrine. Since I smoke cigars, (my last vice), there are many around here. The family buses them for everything. Grandkids use them for crayons, pencils and markers; Mrs. Spadoman has two or three for sewing materials, etc etc. I have some ideas to make a shrine, but haven’t strarted yet. You may have inspired me.

    PS When you linked at Rebecca’s, your URL had an error. I had mto hunt up nthis address from last weeks post. It was worht the effort.


    • glad you enjoyed the box. and thanks for the heads up about the link! rebecca kindly fixed it! doing the shrines is fun art not fine art but it is a pleasant way to remember a relative or dear friend! lyle

  4. good morning lyle! i have fixed your link so no worries there!
    so glad you are here sharing this wonderful shrine box.fabulousa!!!

    i want to share with your readers that in reply to a long ago comment you sent me two skeletons so i too could behead a bride and groom! thank you again for such generosity here in the blog world. i could not resist sending you an old crucifix to reside on your amazing fireplace cover. and so the circle goes round and round!

  5. I love the idea of beheading wedding doll figurines. Priceless! I’m heading off to Michael’s to get some of my own. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Oh how great. I am just learning to do cigar box shrines and am enjoying it. Your’s is great. Thanks so much for sharing. Nice to meet you.

  7. Very cool box and figures. I need to try beheading some brides and bridegrooms.

  8. gloria, I just enjoyed your post! arent the cigar boxes fun to do! thanks for taking the time to write! lyle

  9. Hi Lyle, I can see you had fun with your cigar box.. I have tried to put assemblages in cigar boxes once too.. your box is a shrine to color too…
    thank you for your well wishes on my upcoming trip.. I will post about it when I return.

  10. I just love your shrine and would never have thought to behead the brides and grooms. They look ever so much better as Catrins and Catrinas.

  11. Hi Lyle, Since I inadvertently ran into Rebecca’s site, I’m new but I having just made the retablo with my parents’ wedding picture, I decided to posted it on her blog. Thank you for your comments. There is something about beheading the wedding toppers that tickles me. I do love what you have created with the cigar boxes.

  12. Love LOVE that you and Toni are beheading good will finds to replace with skulls!!

  13. I came back to see if I commented. I want to make it to every Art of Remembering post this week. (I can’t remember if I posted a comment, Oh the irony). Anyway, I also see I did the fat fingered mambo while typing. So many errors. I apologize! I’ll proof read this now before I click: Post


    Still love your Grandma!

  14. love this !!!

    it looks rather like a Spooky Prom
    to me


    in retrospect?


    i say that
    i have a high school class reunion Tomorrow….

    YIKEEES! now THAT is scary!

    {{ me?

    i working on my daddy’s shrine
    Day of the Dead }}

  15. I too love the changing out of the cake topper idea……
    Found you from Steph/Vlad blog……..Glad I did!!


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