Posted by: Lyle | October 18, 2011


To my surprise over the weekend I received a package  from Vermont! What a treat ! All the paper ,small pieces of cloth and the best part, Stripey stones,  in black and white! I am always looking for black stones with white stripes. There was even a transparency printed from a hand carved stamp of the stones.  I just love it! It is specially nice because  the artist who sent the package was so thoughtful! I, of course , had to do something to show it all off. I have some further plans for my stripey collection. Stay tuned! And thank you again, EB


  1. oooooooooooo Lyle!
    love what you have done here
    the composition
    the vibrant spots of red
    are those newly carved stripey stamps in the outer quadrants?.
    looks like you used the rocks for models
    you are so clever…

    so fun to share a passion,
    xox – eb

  2. love those stripey stones too …..x

  3. Fantastic Lyle, this is one of my favorites! xox Corrine

  4. Don’t you love getting surprises in the mail??? Very cool!

  5. Love black and white stripes and I love the piece you’ve created with the goodies in your parcel.

  6. oh you lucky girl!!!


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