Posted by: Lyle | October 22, 2011

Another Box?

Someone asked If I could make  an Ofrenda that they could hang photos of threir loved ones in. I hunted around in all my gathered goodies and found the frames shown in this box with generic photos in them. All you need to do is replace the pics I put in with your own photos!  Then you can add any offerings you would like to include. Some put in tiny fake fruit. silk flowers , pretend food, personal treasures and other things  they know the person would like! A pretend bottle of beer,for instance. If you like you can add new items each year. The Ofrendas I have made are small. Google” Ofrendas “to see amazing room size installations!







  1. I love these small ofrendas you make. I love anything Los Dias themed! I once had a shop in Silver City, NM and the artist next door made small shrines ‘to order’. You could tell her that your loved one was a dancer and she would make a dancing figure wearing the colors she liked, or that your loved one was a butcher and she would make the shrine look like a market.
    I smoke cigars, (my last vice), and want to start using the empty boxes. I have some ideas. I need to get started for next year.
    You do a fine job with these.


    • Sir, you are most kind! I appreciate your comments. It would be relatively simple to do as your neighbor did to order providing you knew far ahead enough to find figures that would readily convert !perhaps you’d have to make some figures of paper mache??? please stop smoking those cigars! you know they arent the best for you! happy sunday

  2. These are your specialty my friend, so beautiful. Shrines and offerings. xox Corrine

  3. Smiling at the toothy grins down the side.

  4. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Your ofrenda is awesome.

  5. Very kool ofrenda and just the perfect size. Nice!

  6. Love your little ofrenda. You’ve done a great job. I love it! Thanks for sharing. Happy day to you.

  7. wonderful in every detail! i love that you are also inspiring others t begin making altar boxes. truly a work of passion!

  8. I do love your small perfect ofrendas, adding little elements, changing them out…AND hanging the tiny photos.

    It speaks to my doll house size affection.

  9. Is this what they call a retablo? I have gathered several boxes to make some but have never gotten around to it. I love your creations.

  10. Lyle, thanks for the great idea. I have some of those tiny frames.

  11. And, just like that, there is the box! Wonderful!

  12. That’s such a great idea, to have a way to hang little photos inside the shrine. I adore the tall skelly angel in this. 🙂

  13. Only pretend beer? 🙂

  14. oh lyle,
    i wanted to thank you so much for joining in each sunday for the art of remembering. i have posted a special calavera today that i made out of tiny bits of nipped glass. i think somehow it will delight you!


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