Posted by: Lyle | October 25, 2011

Between Boxes

Some days painting  and stamping  is my favorite thing!  I play some old favorite cd like “The Concert for Bangladesh” pick the color of the day and play. Green, black and gold  painted pages  were waiting! and here they are! I’ve been  trying out  carving ala Kuba cloth.  The stamp in the center  of the first page was a complete surprise when I completed it! I started looking for a pattern and ended up with a dancing man!


  1. Nothing like surprising yourself !
    I love the dancing man stamp.
    Happy Tuesday !

  2. I love your dancing man, the serendipty is always the best. Trust your carving knife, it will tell you what you need! xox Corrine

  3. I continue to be in awe of you multi-talented artists who can pick up just about anything and make magic! Beautiful!

  4. Fabulous the color, the layers, the stamping…and the dancing men!

  5. I love your surprise stamp (one of my favourites) and the African flavour of these stamped collages. You won’t believe it but I had the Bangladesh record for years.


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