Posted by: Lyle | October 30, 2011

M y Favorite

This Ofrenda is my hands down favorite!  It was made in honor of all the little ones who never had the excitement of going “Trick or Treating”  and of all the Grandmas who never got to take those children out on Halloween. I am a grandma and I remember well how much fun it was to put on my costume ( a black and white Cow) and take my grandaughter around while her mom and baby brother greeted  little ones at home! It will go in the same little cupboard where my husband’s Ofrenda is and as I find little things a child would like I’ll add to it for next year!


  1. A black and white cow…. Oh Lyle you make me giggle! Though the reason for this Ofrenda makes me sad. A wonderful idea to add little things a child would like. It could get pretty crowded in there since there are so many things one could add.

  2. So beautiful, the image of the little girl standing alone is so striking.

    I have such great memories of making costumes for/with Tess and it makes me so happy that she enjoys this now as a young adult too! She sent photos of the pumpkin she carved and her costume…the Morton Salt girl:)

  3. I love this Lyle!
    This year Boone is not sure if he will be trick or treating – he turns 16 on Tuesday – 11/1/11… my parents left early this morning after a month here…
    it is very quiet and sunny and 40-something…

    xox – eb.

  4. This one is so cool Lyle, just love it. You are having a wonderful time with these and it shows. I loved going out with Jay when he was little and dressed in any costume he chose for me. Usually it involved face painting of some sort. We had some good times….xox Corrine

  5. oh lyle you are so right…i love this offrenda! it is touching and full of longing. may we all treasure the simple things that comprise each life. may we all open our hearts and live boldly. death is so terribly final!

  6. I love your offrendas. I have a small one about the size of a shoe box because I just started. But I think it would be really cool to make one out of a cigar box for each relative.

  7. I like that it opens up left to right instead of right to left! I can see why it is your favorite!

  8. Very nice, thanks so much for sharing. I love your cigar box ofrendas. I now want to run out in the studio and make another one, but I’m tired.:) Very nicely done.

  9. Wonderful tributes to those you have loved. I feel as though I’ve been invited into the heart of your home. Thanks for inviting me.

  10. Who doesn’t like trick or treating! Beautiful shrine you capture the grandma perfectly. Love it!

  11. I love your ofrenda this year and how it, like mine this year, is honoring
    children. I don’t know why, but mine just started taking on a life of its own…maybe they’re all that way? Beautiful in thought and creation!

  12. What a lovely thought, to honour those dear children and the grandmothers. This is a topic dear to my heart, as I may take it further in academic study (I completed a Master’s degree in Death Studies last year). Thank you so much, Lyle, for the inspiration of how one can create a sacred place of memory in a small space.

    Warm wishes from England! xx

  13. Lyle, Thank you so much! for being part of the dia de bloglandia celebration and the month of sharing that led us here.


  14. Really love your offrendas, and the face jug too! 🙂

  15. Wonderful shrine! And I love reading about your costume memories – I have memories like that about my daughters, and can’t wait to get costumey with my future grandchildren!
    : ) lulu

  16. I very much enjoyed your all souls shrine; I like how it sits on the shelf with other objects such as a cup with a faced-jug; how it all crosses over from this world to that. Jacque

  17. I love your shrine!! And your memories!! 🙂


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