Posted by: Lyle | November 5, 2011

Ochre and Blue

From time to time I go thru favorite books by favorite authors  seeking inspiration! The other night it was “True Colors” by Lynne Perrella,( .  I was looking at colors and decided I want to try some of the combinations that the artists in her book used. As you can see from the picture bright blue was the starter! In order to get the ochre I used a golden fluid acrylic “Nickel Azo Gold”.  Then that darn little man started running across the page!  I wonder where he is off to this time!  That started the brain going and I wondered if where you came from is as important as where you are going ? And which influences what! Does it really matter?  These questions could keep coming! Tell me what you think! I have a feeling  there are many answers!   Happy pondering!


  1. Makes me think of the Dave Matthews band song “Where are you going” and where you go is where I want to be…..I’ll run with you anytime friend, back in time or into the future! xox Corrine

  2. Love your words here, they made me smile, and your running man too! As for me, I am running towards new adventures and change is in the air. Hope you are having a great sunday…

  3. Good things to think about…I hope I’m moving forward, but I know that those miles already traveled have had a huge influence.

    I like too your drawing practice…and I’m sure it’s not been QUITE that long ago that you have drawn 🙂



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