Posted by: Lyle | November 8, 2011

The Garden of Eyeden

In the evening ,when all is quiet and the chores are done, I settle into my favorite wing chair to watch a little PBS and work on my drawing skills. Last winter I bought “Drawing Lab” by Carla Sonheim. It contains 52 exercises to help you improve your drawing skills! Something I need to do as I havent drawn seriously since before the Ark set sail! Chapter 12 is on “Eyes” Did I draw eyes everywhere!I could get carried away!  The picture you see is one of several I did using the garden as the background! Try it and have some silly fun!


  1. and I LOVE this. It really makes me smile

  2. I love this landscape of eyes, really great Lyle. That wing chair must be quite amazing. xox Corrine

  3. I think that my drawing skills stopped at age 12, like so many people. I love the idea of taking a course at home…you obviously have the disipline. Very cool!

  4. I popped in to leave a comment the other day and was pulled away so now I’m back 🙂 Love this whimsical landscape, Lyle.

  5. very interesting concept.. eyes everywhere.. watching every move.. very whimsical and colorful…


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