Posted by: Lyle | November 29, 2011


This triptych will allow you to cast your vote without saying a word! Sounds like it would be useful in family debates! The 6×6 canvases were gessoed and had a border of words applied, the center was painted black and the hands applied last. After all of that dried, I applied a coating of gel medium for protection. The  canvases can stand on their own or be hung.  Later this week I will give them to Toni to post on our Etsy site. Have you ever been there? Its fun. We have some assorted supplies, Toni’s gems and jewels and occasionally something I’ve created.  please visit!



  1. What a play on words… undecided.. which way to go. so clever!
    good luck at I hope you have good sales there.

  2. Too funny, love this voting threesome. I like undecided myself. xox Corrine

  3. Ha! I’m so drawn to hands, Lyle! These are such fun! I haven’t been to your Etsy sight, but will make a point of it soon.

  4. Wonderful Lyle!! Love the color palette…did I miss the link to your Etsy site? Will go look for it

  5. Lyle – I love this!
    perfect for a 3-some family with a teenager
    you are wonderful…

    xox – eb.

  6. oh lyle!
    i do think the hands have it!


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