Posted by: Lyle | December 3, 2011

Have Patience !


Watch the world go by!  Some days ideas fly thru my brain , other days its like pulling teeth! This picture you see is a combo! The background and the oriental paper were just asking to be painted and glued! Then it sat there looking at me! Ah, the eye I had glued into a bottle cap!  then  — nothing. I went off and did other things !  When I came home the picture started shouting ” Circles” ! I wasn’t too sure at first but as I stamped them with my trusty thread spool  I thought this is just what the picture needed! I like it !  Hope you do too! and remember ,”Have Patience”!


  1. Wonderful how the creative process works on it’s own without you even being aware. Nice piece Lyle. xox Corrine

  2. Love this composition – great work.

  3. Eye like this piece…

    Cold yes but thankfully no wind….yet


  4. eye 2
    am enamored…
    patience teaches
    eye am a slow learner…

    xox – eb.

  5. Yes I like it too Lyle. Amazing how some pieces drag their feet …. and then you add an element and it all comes together.

  6. Yes, I love what you have done here. The colors, the circles, the papers. Really great!


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