Posted by: Lyle | December 12, 2011

For Rebecca– A Virgin A Day

this little virgin has been with me for about 40 years. She has moved from house to house with our family and is usually found on a shelf in my bedroom. I found her at a thrift shop and paid the huge sum of $2.00 for her. Over time many would be experts have looked at her and made comment. No one can establish an age but they mainly agree she is from New Mexico. The wood she is painted on is most likely pine. The thick board was gessoed then painted. Over time she has lost some of her paint but I still love her primitave look. To see more of Rebecca’s tribute to the Virgin please go to


  1. dear lyle,
    the simplicity of this pleases me beyond words. the way she came into your life thrills my heart beyond measure. thank you for sharing such a priceless treasure.
    i am sitting here entranced and imagining the story of her long long life.

  2. sometimes we find something — some small thing in a thrift store for a buck or two.. and it turns out to have special meaning over time.. and the older the better!

  3. I swear that my thrift and garage sale finds are some of my most precious ones. They seem to have stories behind them, or I just make stories up! This makes me wonder who the artist was (bless him or her) and how long ago it was.

  4. a great find!

  5. What a beautiful thing to keep for so long. It’s really lovely Lyle. Has lots of memories that traveled with her.She is watching over you my friend. xox Corrine

  6. A lovely piece to take from home to home. As Fran also commented, some of my best finds come from thrift shops and markets.


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