Posted by: Lyle | December 19, 2011

The Reason for The Season

A couple of years age I madethis envelope for my daughter’ Toni. At the time I was annoyed about the commercialization of Christmas.  I am not a “Religious” person , but I do feel that it is sad that what was a celebration of the birth of Jesus has become a romp in the department stores. This year I noticed something new. After the madness of ” Black Friday”  many people seemed to stop, look around and say “I’m not doing this any more.” I am shopkeeper for my daughters home decor and gift shop, Almost Heaven ” during the week when she is at her other job. I have been surprised this year at the many customers, some of whom we have not seen for a couple of years , coming in to say its no longer fun or pleasant to shop in the big mall stores. Some of them I know have been put off by the loud tv commercials and the junk mail advertising!  Its been fun to see them and to try to help in finding just the right thing for  a sister or grandma! My hope is that some are remembering ” The Reason for The Season” Enjoy finding just the right thing for your loved ones. It doesnt have to be something big and expensive just a gift that shows your love for that person. Thats how this all started!


  1. Being part of the season with your friends and loved ones are what it’s all about. We always try and do too much, think we need to, but slowing down and savoring each day is way more important. Thanks for the reminder my friend of spiritual reason for it all. xox Corrine

  2. Well said Lyle. Every year i say I am not doing this anymore but somehow i get swept away in the stampede. What used to be a joyful time is now a season that I dread. It really is time to bring back the simplicity of gifts that show more love and thought than splash.

  3. All so true… the commercialism of Christmas has become crass and over the top.. the madness on Black Friday is appalling… using pepper spray on each other to get the $2 waffle iron or something. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time in your daughter’s shop. happy holidays to you and yours.

  4. you words ring deeply true. i stay home and make each present. always have…hopefully always will!
    although a shop named Almost Heaven would feel welcoming in all the right ways. especially if it meant spending time with you and your daughter!


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