Posted by: Lyle | January 3, 2012

Play Day

New Years day was a play day for me too! I had lucked into two large canvases at the G.W. for a couple of bucks each.Just the thing to just start! No plan. Gessoed and roughed up for texture ,then a great orange for the center surrounded with turquoise! Wow! Where am I going with this? Still dont know!  A border of chinese newspaper and some turquoise bubbles in the orange! Thin some gesso and cover the entire canvas to tone it down! Flick some thick gesso on top! Looks like a fish tank to me! Find some big fish!! A rusty tin garden ornament is just the right size. Cut a couple of big fish out of oragami paper. Give them a coat of yellow iron oxide and away we go! All in one day! What did you do to celebrate a free day?  Please click the pic to enlarge!




  1. I’ve been playing with a huge canvas too Lyle. It will actually be a backdrop for photographing my totems. I like how yours turned out. Not so sure about mine….. though I can keep adding layers.

    • robyn when you decide please send a photo would love to see!

  2. Nice score, even nicer play. Wish we could play together. xox Corrine

  3. Is this fun or what!!! play on…


  4. can we schedule a play date?
    you are TOO fun
    love it!

    xox – eb.

    • wouldnt that be fun! xxoo lyle


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