Posted by: Lyle | January 19, 2012

Liquid Gold

I was watching the news on tv the other nite.They spoke of gas prices rising once more! I already knew that having filled my tank  recently, but hearing it just made me erupt! We always say its the Arab oil countries! But really is that the whole story? No! Part of it is the oil futures markets here trying to squeeze us to death and the other part is us! We know when consumption goes down gas prices go down! We know that we need to look for alternative fuels. But do we push our disfunctional government to do something ?? NO! We drive faster and buy bigger cars !  Lets get together and at least slow down! Guys wont, but us women can!  Please click the pic to enlarge!


  1. If women ruled the world, the heart would lead. Love your liquid gold! And your heart too. xox Corrine

  2. Even current events and news can inspire us to create some art.. liquid gold for sure… someone is making a lot of money off of oil and it ain’t us!

  3. Flying orbs of fruit!!

    In my heart I truly believed that Obama would do something BIG with alternative energy…I don’t think he really understand how our lobbyists and dysfunctional government will not let us out of our stranglehold with big oil.



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