Posted by: Lyle | January 26, 2012

More Geography

When our kids were small we surprised them with a “Great Adventure” ! Christmas was coming! The weather was cold and damp. My husband and I were going away on a mysterious trip! The kids would be staying with the grandparents. We all went to the airport and to their great surprise the kids got on the plane with us! the grands waved goodbye and we were off on our great adventure! We flew to Miami , changed planes, and flew in a much smaller plane to our island south of Cuba! I had sent christmas gifts ahead to our rented cottage. Who needs christmas gifts! All three children were in the warm blue caribbean before 9  on Christmas morning! The gifts waited till evening! Didnt do that ever again! We all had a fantastic time. We saw birds that dont fly north, huge turtles. Iguanas,ghost crabs marching down the road at night, shells with live inhabitants and so much more. We explored various parts of the island and concluded that we liked where we were staying best, but the snorkling on north side was great! We all enjoyed our adventure  so much we vowed to do it again and we did! That was a christmas gift no one will forget.



  1. Sounds good about now – freezing rain on the way. A dip in a turquoise blue sea would do me wonders. xox

  2. Lyle,
    what a fabulous story!! what memories you made for your entire family.

    Wishing someone would slip a trip to the Caribbean in my stocking!!


  3. I would love to do that! It must have been such fun to just pack up and go for Christmas. Less stress!


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