Posted by: Lyle | February 12, 2012

Still Going Round

The picture you see is just a small section of a piece of brown kraft paper I spent the last couple of days painting and stamping circles on! I have a 4ft. by12.ft. piece of canvas drop cloth I want to make into a table cloth for a very long table I have. Usually the table is covered with rosen paper and freezer paper and paint blobs but when we have a gang in for dinner I want it to be a bit more “dressed”! At the moment I cant decide where to go next! I am thinking of doodling over the circles but can’t decide. Any bright ideas out there? let me hear from  you!



  1. Doodle away, and I can’t wait to see your drop cloth, because your rosin paper is fabulous as was your Valentine goodie envelope! Thanks….xox

  2. Is the background of this piece the same colour as the canvas drop cloth? I like the idea of this becoming a table cloth. Very effective!

  3. Some of my favorite surfaces are of papers used to paint on top of, over and over again…I LOVE the idea of making a table cloth of this!!


  4. Well Lyle, I am equally as attached to circles at the moment, so my suggestion would be to not worry about the “perfect” circle and start growing them into mandalas!!! 🙂 I think it will make a beautiful tablecloth!!1

  5. thank you all for your thoughts! yesterday I washed the drop cloth to get rid of the sizing. . now it feels softer but needs to be pressed by a pro! meanwhile I’m still plotting just how I’ll do this project! It will be a while in the plotting but I’ll keep you posted! lyle


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