Posted by: Lyle | March 11, 2012

What If?

Circles  still make me happy! I am working in a 7×10 Canson mix media book trying out color combos for the 12′ tablecloth. Of course I’m easily distracted!  Stephanie Hilvitz said my circles reminded her of Marimekko fabric! But what if you wanted to make a dress of that fabric? How would it look on a person??  An art doll pattern became the model  and I do believe it would look great on a slender woman! Just for fun try it out on some of your painted background paper  and show us all!  Please click the pic to enlarge.


  1. Oh yes, it does remind me of marimeko!!!! I like this piece…like a goddess!!!
    xox Corrine

  2. It would make a very striking dress!

  3. yep…love it as a dress! A little homage to you…tomorrow :).


  4. Circles make me happy too.. and yours are so colorful… nice collage piece.

  5. not only visually beautiful, but stunning colour palette!

  6. A circle dress would be my kind of thing, but I am not so slender – would that make it a donut dress? LOL Got some circle pages from you in the mail, will be working my way through once I get done with this de-clutter. xox


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