Posted by: Lyle | April 17, 2012

Special Stamps

Recently I received a delightful, Springy purse sized journal from my friend Stephanie!  After studying it for a while I decided to stamp my circle stamps in it so I could remember what I had. that of course led to the favorite T ribal stamps and on and on! I used a stamp that I love which is just text for the background on some of the pages. I really love the effect but I’d like to have some variety in the text. This stamp appears to be in french and measures about 3 1/2×5″. I’ve tried at many online stamp dealers with no success. Help! does anyone know where I can find  a text stamp in oriental, arabic , sanscrit , russian! any language will do as long as the text is polite! please let me know if you have any bright ideas. Thank you!



  1. Nice gift from Stephanie, love what I am seeing so far, it looks very neat Ms. Lyle. Hero arts makes Asian text stamps I believe, they may make others as well. Check them out! xox

  2. Love seeing what you’re doing on these pages Lyle!!


  3. love these pages Lyle! – you are such an inspiration – I think I have that French text stamp too – YES – if you find these script stamps let me know – I too would love some…

    happy sunshiney day,
    xox – eb.

  4. Hey Lyle! Glad to see you posting again. I love your new pages.

  5. You will find more ways to fill up your journal…have fun.


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