Posted by: Lyle | April 27, 2012


Hopefully the dispute between the new printer and the computer has finally been resolved. We are going to give it a try! I’v been fooling around with layering shapes over and under other pages. This running girl was one of the experiments. I used some puffy paint around the edges to make her stand out a bit. I’m not satisfied with the results but its a start on something I’ve wanted to explore. More to follow when we return from Lynne and Anne’s workshop next week!  Hopefully we will have learned lots of new tricks! Please click the pic to see better!


  1. Interesting experiment, I like how she looks and the puffy paint really does pop the figure. You will have a wonderful time at your workshop and I know I will be learning lots of new things from you when you return. xox

  2. Ht, world! I appreciate all my visitors but this am I find that some of our pics have been pinned . I would appreciate the person who is interested to ask first before taking! thank you.


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