Posted by: Lyle | April 29, 2012

Caught Redhanded!

Just cant keep my hands away from circles! This morning I was reading my artist friend, Corrine’s, blog ( which you will see centers on her hands today. Imade a quick stamp of my hand and was suddenly possessed !  Ihad to stamp the hand on a journal page which already had some circles painted on it! They were pale so I added some color to them and then out came the red paint! There’s that hand reaching for circles! there must be a message there but I’m not sure which one. What did you do with your hands today? Or shouldnt I ask?Image


  1. Like your circles around the hand, are those sewing bobbins and thread spools, or did you carve some new stamps? My hands, oh, painted a sign for the studio, walked dogs, cooked dinner prep, ate yogurt, should have taken a nap but didn’t LOL Is that enough??? xox


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