Posted by: Lyle | May 14, 2012

At Last

Our long weekend workshop with Anne Bagby and Lynne Perrella was delightful.  The weather was not too noticable as we were busy indoors all day each day but the Inn where we stayed was once more very pleasant and there was plenty to eat including  brown bag lunches served in our studio which was a very large conference room. Many of us kept on working while munching! The studio was available to us all night long as well and many artists chose to work on into the night! The first day was all Anne. She spent a good bit of time explaining what we would be doing and then set us to work. Lynne worked at their table along with the rest of us. The theme for the workshop was Circus but dont expect the ordinary circus pictures. Anne wanted us to make our backgrounds rich with color and pattern. layer upon thin layer , acrylics, glazes, rubber stamps large first, then small.Finally the figure or figures!  As you can see mine must be side show characters!  more later in the week about our adventures with Lynne.


  1. Just home having a cuppa Joe! The judge looks good in triplicate! So do your Los Muertos figures. I bet you too had a blast! I am sure you came home very inspired after time with these two oh so talented ones. Looking forward to seeing what you did with Lynne. xox

  2. oooohhh!! wonderful…am drawn to the sugar skull figures and day lilies. Can’t wait to see what else you have to share!

  3. p.s. gives me ideas for day of the dead kitchen goddess with monarch butterfly adornment….

  4. Wonderful layers, patterns and colours!

  5. amazing and wonderful!
    catching up here with your doings
    sounds pretty delicious…

    xox – eb.


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