Posted by: Lyle | May 16, 2012


Anne Bagby gave us a home work  assignment!The assignment was to use what we had learned right away when we got home. I couldn’t wait to try a couple of things.The first was to use stamps on the background  with the largest being first down to the smallest. You can see that in the Jugglers picture. The second was to emphasize the figure by using pastels. Again you see that in this picture! Another part of the assignment was to share the new ideas with your  art friends.  If  you have any questions please ask! Play with the ideas and see how it makes the collage more “yours”!



  1. Wish I looked as good as your juggler, quite the figure there! I like the assignment, that’s a good stretch. Is the background pastel or paint? Did you highlight her in the blue with pastels? xox

  2. Great to see what you’ve been up to, Lyle. I love how you’ve added the blue pastel to make the colours sing.

  3. Love this piece Lyle! Fantastic and lively! (Such a good student -doing your homework!)

  4. love your juggling goddess!
    yes you are…

    xox – eb.


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