Posted by: Lyle | May 20, 2012

Day 2 Circus Workshop

At the end of the first day Lynne asked us to give the canvases we brought a coat of gesso– the idea being that they would be completely dry in the morning. We then enjoyed  a pleasant cocktail hour and “getting to know you”  dinner. Afterwards many of us returned to the workroom to continue with our “Anne” projects. At nine the next morning we were back to work! Ready to start our” circus “collages.We had brought several black and white laser pics ofwhat we wanted to turn into circus characters. We all gathered around Lynne’s table while she talked of the hows and whys  of making these collages our own instead of just gluing a picture on a canvas. We used pastels and grease pencils to emphasize our figures. We used our favorite rubber stamps to decorate costumes. Glitter, sequins, ribbons etc were added to give the circus effect even if the faces weren’t what you’d think of as circus types! Remember there are many types of “circus” going on all around us! I chose to make one canvas with a clown and his toy clowns and the other with the  family circus going on!  She is saying “stop clowning around!” and he says”who  me??” Again we all worked into the night and had a grand time looking at each others work and talking”Art” If you ever have they opportunity to take a Lynne and Anne  workshop do it. You will learn lots, work hard and have a great time!


  1. These are super Lyle. What an interesting take on the circus theme. Good stuff. xox

  2. These are both fantastic Lyle!! You must be so pleased with them. It’s a treat to come away from a workshop with completed pieces that you are really happy with.

  3. oh Lyle – these are incredible – you worked hard and I can see your pleasure and discovery – bravo!!!

    xox – eb.

  4. I love the part of spending time, looking at each others work and talking art! Great work!


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