Posted by: Lyle | June 7, 2012

What’s It Called?

A while back the Australian artist, Ro Bruhn and I were having an email conversation about different papers to collage upon! She does great work on a semi transparent  paper that she uses for journal pages. It comes in large sheets and is used in her country by various other trades. There it is called Bank Paper.Since I couldnt find it here she kindly sent me a large blank sheet and several pages journal sized with her great prints  already done.  A treasure trove. I have been holding them tightly but finally decided maybe someone in the U.S. might know the name and where it can be purchased! Lynne Perrella said it was a paper used by architects here but couldn’t put a name to it! Can you?  p.s. My black cat girl posed for the cat stamp! 



  1. LOVE your collage, Lyle. Black cat finishes it off well. Sorry, I’ve no idea what the paper is called though I’m sure I had some when I worked for Town Planning. I’ll ask around.

  2. Are you talking about vellum? It is semi-transparent and is used for overlays. You can get it instaples in 81/2 x 11 sheets for your printer. I also think it comes in rolls…..Some cool cats there. xox

    • thanks for the thoughts! no its not vellum. much easier to work with and has a softer hand! keep thinking!

  3. I don’t know…but love love your collage, clicked to enlarge and enjoy each detail.


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