Posted by: Lyle | June 23, 2012

Making Faces

For some while I’ve been thinking of carving rubber stamp faces. Just hadnt gotten roundtuit! The other day I was looking thru “Art Stamping Workshop” by Gloria Page. It is a great idea book for stamp carvers. Towards the end of the book I came across a number of hand carved face stamps. If they can do it so can I! So far I have carved three face stamps. The one you see here is #2. Blame Anne Bagby for the dress. She says if you have a face you like just tear some paper into a dress shape and you have a person! So here is my first person.I’m going to keep cavng and maybe, eventually, a real person will appear! Anyone else out there trying to “make faces”?





  1. I like the direction your work is taking, Lyle. It looks like your lady could balance all sorts of things on her head, African style. Anything from a tin of pilchards or a pineapple to a live chicken …. or three.

    • thanks robyn . I was thinking of you as I put the picture together!

  2. Oh Lyle, she is great and I like the dress,she’s quite tribal and wonderful. Faces, yes my friend Katie at the Red Tin is carving faces too. I am contemplating it – thought I would take your suggestion and carve the boy face from my journal page….it would be big, but might be fun. I will show and tell. Keep going, show me more and more and more…..xox

  3. nicely done Lyle! I love the attitude with her hands tipped up.

  4. SHe looks great! I have carved a few faces, but have never given them dresses before…. I will have to try that!
    Thanks for the inspiration


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