Posted by: Lyle | July 23, 2012

Messages From The Past


I was looking thru “my pictures” the other day  and came across an old favorite!  The title is “Will the Circle be Unbroken” It isnt dated but I think it was done in the very early days of my adventures in collage! That would have been four or maybe five years ago! I liked it then and I like it now! too busy but it has some good spots. The thing that really got to me was “Circles”  !! I think I was getting a message from the collage gods and just didnt see it!  I looked at other older works and saw how many times the circle appeared. I think the message is “it’s ok to continue trying ” . In any event I’m off on the circular hiway to see what I can find!  Do tell what you find when looking at earlier paintings, drawings etc. Can you see a special path? Its fun to look!




  1. Color color and crunch and a few circles too. Nice work Lyle
    I like it too. Xox

  2. LOVE this collage! So many of my favourite elements and the colours are lovely.

  3. The circle in Japan is called Enso… never ending… connecting to self.. searching on a never ending journey.. wonderful collage too.

  4. Okay, I really like this. The colors mostly. The large shape that evokes goddess worship, the bird is a great touch. I know sometimes I go back and see things and don’t really remember working them. And sometimes I’m amazed at how little detail is in my older work. I’ve always been minimalist I guess. I love the richness of your collage, here.

  5. Lyle, this collage is incredible! I love the title, the colors and the composition. It sounds as if you are really busy right now with things in your home. I love those times too.

  6. i seriously love this! so glad you shared this, thanks!


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