Posted by: Lyle | August 9, 2012

Watching Paint Dry

I’ve been doing a lot of watching and waiting lately in addition to moving  furniture from up to down and vice versa! And cleaning out drawers and boxes etc etc. One thing I cant stand is to waste paint!  While  working on a number of background pieces at once I had puddles of paint left. I keep a pad of watercolor paper nearby for using up those puddles and once in a while a piece done with puddles turns out to be something I like!  The one today was a couple of weeks in the works! Just waiting for the right next color. Then I stamped letters on top with one of my current favorite full page stamps from “the backporch artessa” kari. Dont know what I’ll do with it yet but I love the color combo. And its all from leftovers!   Please click the pic to see all the colors!



  1. Background papers and puddles are the best. Some of my personal most favorite things are done on these and the ones I get from you too my friend. xox

  2. It’s an extra thrill when cleaning rags or mop up papers turn into art. Lovely piece, Lyle!

    • Thanks for looking! I wish I would remember to blot those background papers with some spare tissue or deli wrap! would be interesting too!

  3. yes, yes…love clicking to enlarge and see ALL the layers of wonderful color and pattern!


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