Posted by: Lyle | August 21, 2012

A Touch of Fall

ImageThe Goldfinches may not know that Fall is coming soon in our part of the world but they sure know that seedheads are ripening! I’ve been hearing them thru the summer but now they dart thru the garden on their way to a feast! We know that there is still hot weather to come but a little preview of cooler, crisper days helps! Please visit Stephanie at to see the real thing in her garden!



  1. They are here too still in their golden glory but the critters are all beginning their prep for winter – we have mice back in the house looking for good spots. And birds everywhere. Just saw my first mini flock of red wings last night, the dance to Fall has begun! xox

  2. Tell those mice to look elsewhere! Fall would be nice but I know its a while away! please excuse the size of the pic. wordpress wont let me in to change it!! grr!

  3. ahhhh!!! my favorite birds…how wonderful to see them on your sunflowers and Rebecca’s sunflowers and mine!!!


  4. you have captured the birds in their search for seeds nicely… and in fall colors too.


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