Posted by: Lyle | August 30, 2012

Watching and Waiting


To me the picture says it all! The faithful friend is watching! He may doze a bit but he’ll be wide awake when his person comes thru the door! The canvas had been prepped in gesso and black paint just waiting for me to have a brainstorm! I decided to try one of  my new large stamps in a gold color. To me it came out looking like a cityscape with apartments across the way. I put a few stars in the sky and waited for further inspiration. A couple of nights ago I spotted one of my faithful  friends watching out the window and I knew what the painting needed!  Here’s a cheer for all of our faithful watchers!


  1. Oh it does look like a cityscape. Nice work my friend

  2. This work has a wonderful warmth to it Lyle. Sitting cozy inside watching and waiting.

  3. Oooooh I LOVE this and I love that you shared the creating process!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for you nice words :))) … please say thanks to Toni as well… :))

  4. Reminds me of a big city scene…overlooking his kingdom!


  5. Lyle, I love seeing your collages unfold on your blog. Here it is the gold and black that has completely drawn me in. And I love cats… (and dogs!)


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