Posted by: Lyle | September 17, 2012



The Judge is here again! She is such fun to work with. This time softer colors and a new chapeaux give her a softer look! This 12×12 canvas had a number of treatments before she came on the scene.Gesso, acrylic paint, painted and stapled deli wrap and pastels all make up the background. Hope you enjoy visiting with the Judge! She says she’ll be back soon. Maybe for the Day of the Dead. She looks like a good candidate!


  1. I like her floral crown, purple asters? Lots of time images going on, whatever could she be thinking? xox

  2. She’s passing time quietly til Day of the Dead. This canvas has a peaceful feeling about it … even with all the clocks.

  3. oh yes…I can see the judge is in the mood to celebrate Day of the Dead!


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