Posted by: Lyle | October 11, 2012

Its That Time ofYear!

Just wanted you to see what I’ve been doing to get ready for The Day of The Dead.The date is Nov. 2! This year I made an Ofrenda for a Frienda mine  and didnt think to take pics.  He loves it and is planning to add to it when he goes halloween buying!  The picture here I started way back in the spring when we took a class in Connecticut.  Just had the background. When I looked again it was summer and I wanted to think of what to do for D.O.D. As you can see I had fun putting it together.  Are you celebrating this season? I love D.O.D because it is a celebration of your loved ones who are no longer here rather than a sorrowful time.



  1. Oh I love your Offrenda with it’s lilies and rust and shiny faced skulls with their butterfly adornments. We played with Michael Demeng at Art is You and made a whole table of skull wonderfulness. Its was an over the top offrenda from many of us. I honored my Mom with some glittery bling. Love this piece. xox

  2. thanks for looking! I think I will use this pic as a cover for a box of other d.o.d. things! maybe!

  3. dear lyle,

    i love this! bravo on a gorgeous creation!

    i wanted to thank you for your amazing generosity, when you so kindly sent me two skeleton figures. because of your kindness i fashioned an “upcycled” wedding couple. which you can finally meet here…

    i want to invite you and your readers to share the days of october as we count down to dia de los muertos, La Calaca Love, a calaca a day for the month of october.

    it’s just so YOU!!!

  4. rebecca, I love what you did with the skeletons. they are such fun to play with! I have been enjoying your calacas and will remind all to visit you.

  5. I adore your Day of the Dead work…makes me want to get going on my altar for this year! Awesome work!!!

  6. I think that your piece is amazing – I love the use of the butterflies, which frankly, is really hard to do!


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