Posted by: Lyle | October 30, 2012

Sandy Did It!

Yesterday was a tough one.  Fortunately we didnt loose power, but all you saw or heard was Sandy, Samdy, Sandy!!!I did all the dumb house chores I could, primed a wood box I want to paint upon, made backgrounds in my journal and it wasnt noon yet! Finally found  one background I had painted before and took out my aggravation and frustration out on it! You can see I was going around in circles again. Please tell me what you did to chase Sandy away!


  1. I am just so relieved you are all okay, I was really worried. Sandy was going in circles and so were you! xox

  2. You guys are just getting pounded…happy you didn’t sustain any damage…right now I feel like I am going around in circles too, not from Sandy but from the wholly hell of losing my hard drive!!


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