Posted by: Lyle | November 11, 2012


Today is the official date for Veterans Day. Monday is the official holiday for many. Whichever day you choose to remember all the men and women around the world  who gave their lives to protect freedom, please think how much freedom and peace mean to you and say your word of thanks!  They will hear you thru all the loud and angry voices of today!


  1. A day late and a dollar short, been swamped. Nice piece to remember by, was thinking of my Dad all day yesterday…..xox

  2. Hello Lyle! Long time no hear from me, aye? Well, I’m back in blogland and rearing to go. Bangkok is our new abode and there’s something about this place which fires up the creative juices but also makes you want to reach out to a like-minded community (hence my return to blogland). So much to tell you; so much to show you. Might call for one more piece of mail art? 🙂
    Debs (Debrina)

  3. Beautiful tribute Lyle…yes indeed, through all of our anger we must find time to honor those that serve…every day.

  4. that is a wonderful work of art mom. thank you for remembering those who died while serving. and those that continue to serve and protect our country. it reminded me of how proud i am of my daughter, your grandaughter, who chose to become an airmen. stacey


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