Posted by: Lyle | January 5, 2013

Switching Gears

P0003038_edited (Medium)

Sorry to be gone so long! Technical problems! While posting was impossible I have been working on backgrounds and trying new commercial products. How do you like the “Gears”? That was done with “The crafters Workshop” templates. They are very small -6×6 but interesting! One must go lightly with the paint as the plastic is very thin and you ruin the effect if you are heavy handed! Other than that I’m still experimenting and will keep you posted! I hope!


  1. yay! happy that you’ve overcome your technical difficulties…and you’re off to the start of a new and creative year!

  2. Love the layers on layers, wondered where you were……This is great! More please. xox

  3. looks like an interesting technique.. gears templates create wonderful circles.
    and am sorry to hear about your poor cat and its hair problem. Hopefully the t-shirt helps.


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