Posted by: Lyle | January 21, 2013


anderson and the shirt

Wanted you to meet the brave boy in the T-shirt. you may have met him a couple of years ago when he had a rear leg amputated! He doesnt even know its gone but now he has a new wrinkle! he is a nervous worrywart and since there have been visiting cats in a room in his house he has taken to tearing his hair out!Hopefully a couple visits to the vet and the shirt will put a stop to that! We dont know! He really doesnt want to be a fashion plate,but better than hairless and sore!


  1. Oh poor Anderson, boo hoo cute kitty. As the companion to a tri-pod, I am continuously amazed at how little they notice the loss of limb. Ryder walks funky because it’s a front leg, but it doesn’t slow him down one little bit. Give Anderson some extra cuddles for me… xox

  2. Poor Anderson! Doesn’t he know that you only have eyes for him and that the visitors mean nothing to you?

    • I gave Anderson all your good words but he says that toni’s house is his house and he cant stand those other cats there! the vet says cats are extremely territorial and he is very upset!


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