Posted by: Lyle | January 28, 2013


whispering pines193 (Medium)


When I go outside these bitter cold mornings it seems to me the trees are whispering! I dont know what they are saying but I bet its  “When is Spring coming?” I know thats what I want to know. What do you think?


  1. Nice…is that a stencil or one of those big stamps and spme watery paint? Love the evergreens on front. Last mornong of low temps for a week I guess. Froze my fingers setting up the ducks woth water this morning. It’s still darn cold…..xox

  2. I think spring is already HERE unfortunately…I hope we get a bit of those beautiful snow/ice crystal covered trees.

    I saw a ROBIN yesterday for pete’s sake!!!

  3. All I want to know is when’s Autumn coming! Looking at this piece I can feel the cold and beauty of Winter.

  4. I think they are saying “Now is the time to go inward. Spring is coming soon. Let’s make good use of what is left of our resting time.”
    Love your winter trees, Lyle.
    Stay cozy !

    • kim, I’m feeling like a prisoner in my house! It has been so cold- we are not used to that. today we are in the 50’s which is great but with that is the prediction of damaging winfds tonite! baa humbug!


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