Posted by: Lyle | March 5, 2013

Just Messin’ Around

          evening doodles1 (Medium)


Last winter I spent many an evening working on my drawing.  This winter I’ve been trying to make myself relax and just let the fingers do the doodling! I use canvases that I dont like and draw what ever seems to come out of the background as a shape! Ishould add that I gessoed over what ever the original collage happened to be! Its been fun and I never know what will turn up! Have you tried anything similar? Send me a picture and I’ll put it on the the next page!!


  1. I love this….it reminds me of Cy Twobley…..xox

  2. Love all the creatures that I see emerging! I need some doodle time!

  3. For someone who is just messin around you’ve produced a lovely painting, Lyle.

  4. I remember doodling as a child but I do not do enough of it now as an adult.. it can be very freeing I am sure.


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