Posted by: Lyle | May 13, 2013


stamp book pg8 (Medium)

A new page for the book of stamps! Toni wanted an owl for her jewelry making and asked if I would carve her a stamp. The one in the center will be coming soon in some form of earings from her! I’ll let you know when they are available! Meanwhile I’m still trying to get more depth in my circle paintings. More on that later! It is trying to get warmer here in south Jersey  not too springlike yet but hopefully soon!  Then I get to work in the small room in what was a wee garage  when cars were smaller! I have some spray finishes I’m anxious to try. And some rusty metal to play with!


  1. Cool owl Lyle. I love this free form design….cold here this morning…only 40…pretty frosty for May. Rusty metal play will be fun. xox

  2. Lyle, I LOVE your study of owls…each one unique. We are now in full blown summer from 12″ of snow to 90 degrees, it must be coming your way.

  3. Fabulousa,Lyle!!! Just love these little owl dudes and dudettes!!


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