Posted by: Lyle | June 15, 2013

Table Scraps


table scraps

Having made a more serious sunflower piece I had all this stuff on my table! Cleaned it up and went about my other chores. Next day I looked at that little pile of paper and saw another sunflower! I like this one even better! What have you created lately with table scraps?Maybe we could fill a whole garden!


  1. Oh I love this Lyle… the bee is so cute. I am loving having the bees around…Do you have sunflowers in your garden? Great dimension to this piece. Sun here, hope so for you too. xox

  2. I think this is my favorite piece ever!

  3. a scrappy garden…love it!!!!

  4. THIS is a great idea. And, not to be daunted, I am here first thing, first website of the day, so my computer isn’t exhausted and confused, and I’m posting a comment. I love these rich colors, but I have never tried this kind of reuse and I love it.
    Now, let’s see if I can comment more than once on this very tired, expensive, laptop.

  5. This is beautiful Lyle!

  6. Beautiful sunflower!! And happy summer to you…


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