Posted by: Lyle | August 7, 2013

New Favorite

walking women in yello

I  liked this one so well I asked Toni the expert to frame it for me!  The  garments are from complicated paper. The backgrounds a combination of paint, stamping and spattering.  I have many trips planned for these women who walk in search of peace! Say tuned –maybe they will be successful somewhere! Maybe you could create some walking women from other parts of the world to accompany them!


  1. Nice women Lyle. This is so you with the multi-layered patterns and much going on. No wonder Toni is framing this one, love it…xox

  2. I can see why this is a favourite! Flags for Peace day is coming up on the 21st September.
    I joined in last year. You might find inspiration there. Flags in many shapes and materials.

  3. Just beautiful Lyle! I love the idea of walking women. A wonderful book you might enjoy…Leaving Mother Lake about a matriarchal society in the mountains at the Tibet/China border…your women reminded me of it.

  4. Lyle, These women have joined my other flags and will be seen flying high in hope of peace. Thanks!!

  5. What a beautiful concept… spreading peace around the world. I want to thank you for all your supportive and inspiring comments left at my blog in response to my health issues and artist block.. very helpful.

  6. I can see why this is a favorite. Love the pattern and the color palette here!

  7. Hi Lyle, it has been awhile since you posted or I have heard from you… I hope all is okay. I posted recently about a collage book I created and published at Blurb… I think you will be interested to view it. donna


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