Posted by: Lyle | October 5, 2013

Follow the Stars………

IMG_2629_edited (Medium)

Always searching for ways to bring Peace, these woman keep walking !  We all need to keep searching for ways to bring peace….to our neighborhood, our town ,our country! Right now I wish there was peace among our representatives in the House and Senate!


  1. Peace seems a quality missing all over, thanks for bringing it back to the forefront. Love your women. xox

  2. … and there they are guided by stars. We start within and hopefully more and more people will feel the benefits of peaceful thoughts

  3. so frustrating, I’m here in DC for work and the local news is all about the shutdown and disfunction but nothing in the way of movement.

    • those we elected obviously dont gave a hoot about us therefore I will treat them with the same courtesy when elections come around! lyle


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