Posted by: Lyle | October 23, 2013

Bubble Dancers


bubble dancers1 (Medium)

Here’s one for you to try! The Dancers above were created from the recipe below. This background paper is made from everything but the kitchen sink! Our thanks to the unknown who gave us these instructions!  Cut a large piece of cardstock weight paper or rosin paper for the base. Glue to it paper strips created from old paintings, magazines, trials, scribbles  you name it! Use long strips to completely cover the paper edge to edge. layer it  so one edge covers the previous edge. Let it dry! then glue shorter , thiner strips at an angle on top!  use contrasting prints in colors that agree with the first layer! Be sure all are glued tightly! let dry completely.  When dry  glue magazine images of bodies, clothing, jewels – whatever you like on top.  again let dry well. When dry you can glaze,stamp, add words and scribble with gold paint!   Then when you need a special look cut from your page as I did to make figures. They are always different! have fun! And let us see what you create!


  1. Love these dancers, so free and so colorful. Great little tutorial. You know I love to glue down papers. Thanks Lyle! xox

  2. I’m enjoying the movement in this piece Lyle. I swear I can hear the music 🙂

  3. really fun Lyle!! I love the dancing images you created and one lone face…


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