Posted by: Lyle | November 14, 2013

My Favorite Things

crows and circles(Medium) (2)

On cold days we need warm things and its cold here in the East today! So I am bringing you a picture that seems on the warm side! Two of my favorite subjects – crows and circles! Both were created from hand stamped paper, then adhered to the red background with  matte medium.   Just fun on a chilly day. What are you doing to warm up?


  1. Filling my wood stove with wood LOL. Actually it has warmed up today but it’s been quite cold dog walking in the mornings…..glad for a mini warm up. xox

  2. …. and zebra stripes and earthy colours. I’m doing my best to stay cool at this end of the world.

  3. oh yes…chilly chilly. Your circle of life is warm indeed.

    the spam keeps coming, how do they do that??


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