Posted by: Lyle | January 4, 2014

silly painting!

crow heaven 2 (Medium)

Some  days I just have to do something different. I had made a pile of background papers–now what to do with them?   I cut some trees from a favorite background  and glued them down. pretty fancy trees! I was rooting in a drawer for something else when I came across some crows I had stamped earlier. Aha she said ! just the thing! Crow Heaven!  who knows what they dream of while  in the tops of trees. The  sunflowers came from another stash. I got the”” I have to paint” out of my system and you have something to smile at!


  1. Best kind of creative play and you are smiling so what could be a better outcome. Do you think those flower trees would grow int back yard? Xox

    • I wish they would we could all make some money!!

  2. love your crow with the berry in it’s mouth! I need to PLAY! now that I’m back


  3. You never know what you will end up when you start playing and being creative.. something wonderful. have a wonderful new year.


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