Posted by: Lyle | January 31, 2014

Wishing You warmer Days!

IMG_2705_edited (Medium)

 This has been a looong winter and its only just begun! I’ve had enough already. So when I had the need to paint I came up with the above — a lady in a bathing suit gazing at warm places! Didnt try for that,  it was just what came out of a pile of  assorted pictures! The background is bits and oieces of previously painted papers.  Try it – just reach in the pile some dreary day and see if your work echoes your dreams!And let the rest of us know!


  1. it feels like it has been along winter for me too and we are just hitting February with month’s to go….like you bathing beauty, I sat in the sun the other day in my down coat, hat, boots and gloves because the temp hit 38. Felt good until a three pegged dog propelled himself into my lap and kind of woke me up. xox

    • today was lovely and warm 40s!!we were out and about! now the weather folks say snow and ice tomorrow! bah! did you know Toni has a tripod cat to go with your 3 legged guy? they do well dont they!


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