Posted by: Lyle | April 4, 2014



seedpodsandbutter011 (Medium)

I think it must be Spring! the calender says so! I don’t see any butterflys out my window but I did put some in a little picture I want to make note cards from! They seem to be investigating the pods scattered about! Seed pods are interesting things and one day I decided to see if they were good to carve! Simple, fun and useful! When combined with Monarchs they make an interestingĀ  picture! The question is do the Monarchs know what they are or are they just “nosey”? You tell me!





  1. Oh I love these seed pod stamps. Wonderful patterns in and of themselves. I am hoping my snowdrops will bloom this weekend. Maybe butterflies will show up soon? xox

  2. I’m drawn to seed pod shapes and designs so this piece calls me. The pale green leaves finish it off beautifully and I love those caterpillars!

  3. love love those monarch caterpillars…yours are nosy, mine are gigantic!


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